Digital Safety Conference – Berlin

The safety and security of products is becoming increasingly important as products become more complex. To meet the challenges of complexity, you must consider four key areas: functional safety and security; safe software; systems simulation and virtual perception; and testing.

ANSYS offers software solutions that help you design products that meet these requirements through systems simulation and validation.

The ANSYS Digital Safety Conference is the leading event for anyone interested in (1) functional safety, (2) embedded systems and software, and (3) systems simulation and testing in the automotive and aerospace & defense (A&D) sectors, among others. This action-packed, two-day event will include one day of presentations and one day of hands-on workshops. Join us in Berlin or Detroit to hear from global industry leaders about major digital safety issues, including:

  • Standards compliance — ISO 26262, DO-178C, ARP4754A and ARP4761
  • An end-to-end autonomous vehicle development tool chain
  • Safety-critical embedded software development
  • The challenges of SOTIF
  • Closed-loop simulation utilizing virtual reality applications
  • Systematic cybersecurity thread identification and analysis

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