The content of the Congress at the IOT Solutions World Congress is divided in 9 theme tracks

Find out how this industries have been impacted by the IoT technology!

     – Connected Transport:
With tailor made IoT solutions, transportation and logistics enterprises connect devices to accelerate productivity.

     – Enabling IoT:
The importance of digital twins & cross vertical uses cases deliver impactful business outcomes through successful IoT solutions.

     – Open Industry:
Focused on real-world IoT applications in agriculture, construction, cosmetics, defense, finance, mining, pharmaceuticals, and other verticals.

     – Energy & Utilities:
Decreased cost of intelligent devices and increased computing power and capacity are transforming traditional energy & utilities industries.

     – Buildings & Infrastructure:
IoT and AI enable new ways to model and interact with the physical environments in which we live, play and work.

     – Manufacturing:
This new industrial revolution is not only transforming business models, but also increasing output, automating processes.

      – Healthcare:
Disruption in the healthcare industry is accelerating even more rapidly due to the adoption of IoT technologies.

       – Artificial Intelligence:
Enhanced insights, complex decision making, self-learning and self-healing are just a few of the capabilities that AI enables.


      – BlockChain:
New protocols and solutions are emerging daily and there are no clear winners for any aspect of an implementation yet.

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