KRONO-SAFE launches ASTERIOS® Automotive Tool Suite Version 1.0 (AATS V1.0), the first version of its ASTERIOS® platform for the development of deterministic, real-time automotive software components. MASSY, March 31, 2021 –

KRONO-SAFE announces today the launch of a new ASTERIOS® Tool Suite platform dedicated to the development of real-time embeddded software for automotive, in compliance with the Timing Model Extension of AUTOSAR Classic Release 4.3 standard.
“Next generation automotive systems require support for safe, predictable and deterministic software execution. The Logical Execution Time (LET) model that builds the foundation of our ASTERIOS® technology is ideally suited to improve the predictability and correctness of automotive time-critical applications, in line with the recent timing extension specifications introduced by AUTOSAR Classic. The new ASTERIOS® Automotive Tool Suite allows our company to deploy its reach beyond the avionics market, into a global market also looking for efficient solutions to deliver dynamic systems that are ultra-reliable, high-performance and deterministic by design, not by iterations. On top of that, our ASTERIOS® Tool Suite is certifiable towards the highest safety standards such as DO178C DAL-A and ISO 26262 ASIL-D”, said Eric Lutterman, KRONO-SAFE’s CEO.

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