CEA-Leti 3-day flagship event, featuring industry leader’s presentations

Next generation electronics to drive your business’ value up !

The chip shortage has brought with it an extraordinary boost to Moore’s Law. Discover policy maker and tech leader strategic decisions on downscaling, “More than Moore electronics” and other future technologies for components. Identify key emerging technologies to grow your business.


A plenary session and 6 workshops will gather high-level keynote speakers to discuss novel tech strategies to foster outperformance. Attend our satellite workshops to discuss novel computing, the new space era, eco-innovation strategies, or learn how to expand your business abroad.

3-days exhibition: Join the exhibition floor, manipulate live demos and network with potential partners. Don’t miss out the startup corner to learn more about the latest tech offer coming soon.

Business meetings: Arrange in-person business meetings to discuss your innovation projects with CEA-Leti’s experts.
Get back to real-life networking!
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