Le président d’Embedded France est invité à présenter une Keynote autour des CPS à la conférence ADTC/edaWS17 le 9 mai 2017

Cédric Demeure (Thales, F) Abstract Le président d’Embedded France est invité à présenter une Keynote à la conférence ADTC/edaWS17 le 9 mai 2017. Digital transformation is everywhere and transforming our world. Embedded systems are incorporated in increasing number of products and systems surrounding us spanning from the Internet of Things (IoT) to Industry 4.0, or aerospace. The connectivity of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), through for example the Internet and other intelligent mechanisms has dramatically increased the adaptability, autonomy, efficiency, functionality, reliability, safety, and usability of these systems in all sectors of activities. The association ‘Embedded France’ was created in 2013 to help all the actors to cope with this increasing complexity. Founded by four regional clusters, and also by the professional syndicate Syntec Numérique and the association Captronic (whose aim is to help SMEs to embrace electronic and software technologies). Embedded France is the organizer of a yearly event called the “Assises de l’Embarqué”, a dedicated moment for the French embedded eco-system to meet and network. “Embedded France” has five working groups currently on-going, plus two new ones in discussion. One major outcome is the Smart Safe and Secure Platform (S3P) project, started in 2015, aiming at providing complete solutions for embedded product design. weekend football betting tips uk oddslot.co.uk today expert football predictions uk Recently, a CPS initiative has been started in France, to set up a roadmap addressing this fast evolving CPS development and to tackle also these more complex issues such as sensor-based communication-enabled autonomous systems. This

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